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Dual Clean Fuzz


This pedal is designed, built, and hand wired in the USA using only high quality components, including soft click true bypass switching.

The dual clean fuzz is my best selling pedal the clean fuzz X2. It’s two clean fuzz’s stacked, with the ability to switch one off.
Let me explain.

The clean fuzz is a super dynamic, touch sensitive fuzz that can go from sweet overdrive to thick fuzz all while retaining punch and clarity, and staying relatively “transparent”.
The original clean fuzz circuit stays more on the tame side of fuzz. This pedal has 2 clean fuzz circuits in one, giving you the option to send this pedal into total fuzzy madness.

The toggle switch give you the ability to take out the first circuit and get all the origami clean fuzz tones.
Engaging the toggle will turn on the circuit that is first in the chain, and amplify the gain.

The gain knob only works with the toggle engaged. It controls how much of the first circuit will be smashing into the second, creating massive amounts of gain/fuzz.

The clean knob is on the side. It controls the amount of clipping from the GE diodes.
This in turn, feels and sounds like mixing in your clean signal on top of the dirty signal.
Using this knob you can find the perfect amount of gain your looking for.

Controls the output of the pedal. Pretty straight forward.

Standard center negative 9v power.
USA MADE. One of a kind.