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Clean Fuzz v2


The clean fuzz is a super versatile fuzz pedal that is killer for both guitar and bass.
Go from sweet dirty boost all the way to thick creamy fuzz. With the clean knob maxed out you get a sweet boosted tone, but as you dig into your guitar splashes of fuzz will break through in epic fashion.
With the clean knob all the way down you’ll get a thicker, more compressed fuzz that is killer for lead tones and punching out of the mix. The clean knob really allows you to dial in the perfect amount of gain your looking for.

The clean fuzz is very touch sensitive and reacts to your playing, volume, and tone controls in an amazing way.

Volume: controls output level

Clean: controls the amount of clipping from the diodes and in turn sounds like adding clean signal on top of your dirty tone which in some ways feels like adding more headroom.

Runs on standard 9v center negative power.
True bypass soft click switching.
Designed and Made in the USA