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Cassidy Drive + Boost


The Cassidy drive is a 2 in 1 overdrive and boost pedal

The OD (left side) is based on the famous “gainster” circuit also known as the “klon killer”. it has Volume, Tone , and Gain controls. The OD has a slightly mid-pushed “Tweed” sound and feel, that really enhances your signal in all the right ways, without overwhelming your original tone.
The gain and tone controls interact with each other in a sweet way to achieve the perfect sound your looking for.

The boost side (right switch) is a one knob clean boost circuit that simply boosts what you already have. It can be run independently, or you can stack it into the OD side to add more dirt/grit. Perfect for lead tones.

standard 9v center negative power.
True bypass soft click switching
Designed and built in the USA.