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Harmonic Incubator


The Harmonic Incubator is my take on the infamous harmonic percolator circuit.
This distortion/fuzz circuit utilizes both NPN and PNP transistors, and creates only even order harmonic saturation. This circuit gets big and nasty while still retaining punch and clarity, but can also clean up and give you some pretty epic overdrive sounds as well.
Go from an epic smooth fuzz to a mid pushed distortion that breaks up as you dig into your guitar.

The comp knob is where all the fun is to be found in this pedal.
All the way up essentially removes the diodes from the circuit when playing light. But as you dig into the strings it'll break up in an epic fashion.

All the way down brings the diodes in full effect, which adds compression to the dirt, making it less touch sensitive and more brutal.

Using the comp knob you can find the perfect amount of touch sensitivity and compression you desire.

The Harmonic Incubator is very dynamic, interacting with your playing, volume, and tone controls in an amazing way.

Try it on bass, you won't be disappointed.


Volume: controls overall volume

Comp: controls the amount of clipping from the germanium diodes. In turn this sounds and feels like adding more headroom when turned clockwise, and more compression when turned counter clockwise.

True bypass soft click switching
Standard 9v center negative power
Designed and made in the USA