• UBEr-Driver

The UBEr-Driver is a drive with tons of dynamic character, and a massive gain and tone range to it.
At its heart it is a fuzz pedal, but at lower gain settings it’s an excellent overdrive with a fuzzy breakup on the low end.
Go from a warm breakup with a fuzz like edge to it, to an all out buzzy fuzz tone!
Utilizing the CD4049UBE chip this pedal has a warm uncompressed feel to it when at lower gain settings. As you start to turn up the gain a fuzz like breakup will start to ring out as you dig into your guitar. With the gain cranked you get a buzzy, sustained fuzz with tons of character.

The character of this drive is found in the edge, and gain knobs.
The edge knob (red) controls the gain within the 4049UBE chip and adds a grit to the lower-mids.
The gain knob is a 1 transistor gain stage at the beginning of the circuit. As you turn up the gain knob (yellow) you are slamming the front end of the 4049UBE chip and giving the pedal a different feel and texture to its grit.

There is a ton of tones and textures to be found in messing around with the gain, and edge controls, and the the tone knob gives it even more flexibility and character.

TONE: Controls the high frequencies.
VOL: controls the master volume of the pedal.
EDGE: controls the gain within the 4049UBE chip. (Please note that the edge knobs works in reverse, meaning clockwise = less gain, counterclockwise = more gain)
GAIN: Controls the gain of the first gain stage and slams it into the front end of the 4049UBE chip.

True bypass soft click switching
Standard 9v center negative power

Each Sundance Electronics pedal is built by hand and in home using high quality parts and components

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