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HI-1 Distortion

  • HI-1 Distortion
  • HI-1 Distortion
  • HI-1 Distortion
  • HI-1 Distortion
  • HI-1 Distortion

The HI-1 fuzz is my take on the infamous harmonic percolator. Just one knob for volume and 2 switches controlling the rest of the tone.
The HI-1 is a distortion/fuzz circuit that utilizes both NPN and PNP transistor, and creates only even order harmonic saturation. This circuit gets big and nasty while still retaining punch and clarity, but can also clean up and give you some pretty epic overdrive sounds as well.
The comp and gain switches allow you to dial in just the right amount of distortion your looking for. Go from an epic Fuzz to a sweet slightly mid pushed overdrive tone using your guitars volume knob.
The HI-1 is very dynamic and interacts with your guitars volume and tone controls perfectly.


Volume: controls overall volume

Gain switch: allows you to switch from high gain to mid gain.

Comp switch: UP = germanium diodes which gives the clipping/saturation a more compressed sound and feel.
MID = no diodes, will feel very open and all the clipping will be coming from the transistors, there will also be a volume boost
DOWN = Silicon diodes, when played lightly will react similar to the no diodes setting, but when you dig in you will start to get some sweet clipping and saturation.

True bypass switching
Standard 9v center negative power
This is a completely hand made pedal, made with only high quality parts.