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Germanium Fuzz face

  • Germanium Fuzz face

Built to order usually ships in 2-3 weeks.
Feel free to contact me about a custom color / knob selection.

This One knob vintage style germanium fuzz face has all the classic feels and sounds you’d expect from a vintage fuzz face. With a few modern touches.

Thanks to its perfectly matched Germanium transistors this fuzz face provides warm vintage fuzz and overdrive tones.
Germanium transistors give this pedal a smoother/warmer feel and have a slight mid range boost. They also have more touch sensitivity and react really well to your guitar’s volume and tone knobs. 

There are two vintage style trim pots found inside the pedal.
One for the Fuzz control(personally I think it sounds bust maxed, which is where it is currently set), and one for the Bias control.
The bias control can be adjusted with a small screwdriver.
Turning it Clockwise will starve the voltage to Q2 giving it a more broken, spitty tone.
Turning it counter clockwise will give it a more compressed, and sustained grit.

The PCB is a vintage style board from amplified parts. When drawing the layout,
multiple originals were closely referenced to ensure a proper match and fit. The copper traces are gold plated providing protection from corrosion indefinitely.

The status LED, power jack, and true bypass switching bring modern convenience to this vintage style fuzz.

Each pedal is completely hand made in the USA using only high quality components, including a soft click foot switch.

WARNING! Use only a reverse polarity center positive 9v power cable on the power jack. Or just use the internal battery.