$160.00 - $170.00
  • Dual OD/FUZZ
  • Dual OD/FUZZ
  • Dual OD/FUZZ
  • Dual OD/FUZZ

The OD/FUZZ is a 2 in 1 overdrive and fuzz pedal

The OD (left side) is based on the famous “gainster” circuit also known as the “klon killer”. it has Volume, Tone , and Gain controls. The OD has a slightly mid-pushed “Tweed” sound and feel. The Gain control will go from clean boost to an epic overdrive. It really is a super versatile and great sounding overdrive.

The Fuzz (right side) is a super dynamic 1 transistor fuzz. The simplicity of the circuit is what makes this fuzz so dynamic. It responds with your guitars volume knob perfectly. Go from an epic fuzz tone to a smooth overdrive/distortion tone just by turning down your guitars volume knob. The red knob controls the overall volume of the fuzz, but when it is stacked the OD side it acts as gain knob that smashes into the OD and give some killer sustained fuzz tones!

These two pedals can be used individually or stacked for endless tonal possibilities.
The fuzz side is first in the chain as it is meant to play with your guitars volume and tone controls.

standard 9v center negative power.
True bypass soft click switching

Feel free to contact me about any color-ways that are out of stock, or if you have a custom color-way in mind.